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2016 - Course Director: Andrew Reid
Mozart: Adagio and Allegro (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Worship the King (Download MP3)
Haydn: Kyrie and Gloria (Download MP3)
Plainsong: Psalm 138 (Download MP3)
Hymn: From God Christ's Deity Came Forth (Download MP3)
Organ Improvisation after the Gospel (Download MP3)
The Prayers of the People (Download MP3)
Mendelssohn: Grant Us Thy Peace (Download MP3)
Hymn: How Shall I Sing That Majesty (Download MP3)
Haydn: Sanctus and Benedictus (Download MP3)
Haydn: Agnus Dei (Download MP3)
Hymn: I Am the Bread of Life (Download MP3)
Organ Interlude at Communion (Download MP3)
Scarth: My God, How Wonderful Thou Art (Download MP3)
Wesley: Si Iniquitates Observaveris (Download MP3)
Lowry: How Can I Keep from Singing? (Download MP3)
Hymn: Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (Download MP3)
Dismissal (Download MP3)
Elgar: Allegro Maestoso (Download MP3)
Bach: Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major (Download MP3)
Denton: Bless the Lord (Download MP3)
Radcliffe: Invitatory (Download MP3)
Hymn: Christ, Mighty Savior (Download MP3)
Plumstead: A Grateful Heart (Download MP3)
Psalms 124, 125, 126, and 127 (Download MP3)
Howells: Magnificat (Download MP3)
Howells: Nunc Dimittis (Download MP3)
Plainchant: Apostles Creed (Download MP3)
Radcliffe: Collects (Download MP3)
Ives: Psalm 90 (Download MP3)
Dismissal (Download MP3)
Hymn: Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning (Download MP3)
Langlais: Fete (Download MP3)

2014 - Course Director: David Briggs
Franck: Chorale No. 1 (Mark Laubach, Organist) (Download MP3)
Hymn: God of Grace and God of Glory (Download MP3)
Briggs: Gloria, from the Messe pour Saint Sulpice (Download MP3)
Plainsong: Psalm 119:129-136 (Download MP3)
Hymn: The Christ Who Died But Rose Again (Download MP3)
Improvisation after the Gospel (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Schütz: Derr Herr ist Groß (Download MP3)
Hymn: The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow (Download MP3)
Briggs: Sanctus and Benedictus, from the Messe pour Saint Sulpice (Download MP3)
Briggs: Agnus Dei, from the Messe pour Saint Sulpice (Download MP3)
Crocker: Bound for the Promised Land (Download MP3)
Parsons: Ave Maria (Download MP3)
Improvisation during Communion (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Burnam: I Am the Bread of Life (Download MP3)
Hymn: Jesus Lives! (Download MP3)
Dupre: No. 2 from Deux Esquisses (Download MP3)
Daley: Canticle to the Spirit (Download MP3)
Smith: Preces (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Trinity of Blessed Light (Download MP3)
Kelly: Caribbean Psalm (Download MP3)
Parry: Psalm 84 (Download MP3)
Stanford: Magnificat in Bb (Download MP3)
Stanford: Nunc Dimittis in Bb (Download MP3)
Smith: Responses (Download MP3)
Hymn: Ye Holy Angels Bright (Download MP3)
Brahms: How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (Download MP3)
Briggs: O Lord, Support Us (Download MP3)
Hymn: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Download MP3)
Improvisation (David Briggs, organist) (Download MP3)
Briggs: In Manus Tuas (Download MP3)
De la Rue: Ave Maria (Download MP3)
Wood: Oculi Omnium (Download MP3)
Monteverdi: Adoramus Te, Christe (Download MP3)
Howells: Salve Regina (Download MP3)
Victoria: O Bone Jesu (Download MP3)
Paulus: Pilgrim's Hymn (Download MP3)

2013 - Course Director: Richard Tanner
Dove: Gloria in excelsis (Missa Brevis) (Download MP3)
Dove: Sanctus (Missa Brevis) (Download MP3)
Dove: Agnus Dei (Missa Brevis) (Download MP3)
Britten: Jubilate Deo (Download MP3)
Goodenough: I Will Sing with the Spirit (Download MP3)
Nicholls: Preces (Download MP3)
Nicholls: Responses (Download MP3)
Walmisley: Psalm 118 (Download MP3)
Smart: Magnificat in Bb (Download MP3)
Smart: Nunc Dimittis in Bb (Download MP3)
Stanford: For Lo, I Raise Up (Download MP3)
Grontenhuis: Rise Up, O Men of God (Download MP3)
Roberts: Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? (Download MP3)
Ireland: Ex Ore Innocentium (Download MP3)
Casals: Nigra Sum (Download MP3)
Briggs: Ubi Caritas (Download MP3)
Karg-Elert: Harmonies du Soir (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Sowerby: Passacaglia from Symphony in G-minor (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Improvisation during the procession (Tom Sheehan, organist) (Download MP3)
Vierne: Nyads (Tom Sheehan, organist) (Download MP3)
Improvisation after the Gospel (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Stanford: Toccata in D-minor (Tom Sheehan, organist) (Download MP3)
Guilmant: Final from Sonata No. 1 in D-minor (Mark Laubach, organist) (Download MP3)
Dupre: Resurrection from Symphonie-Passion (Tom Sheehan, organist) (Download MP3)

2012 - Course Director: Walden Moore
Friedell: Magnificat in F (Download MP3)
Friedell: Nunc Dimittis in F (Download MP3)
Darke: Gloria in excelsis (Download MP3)
Darke: Sanctus (Download MP3)
Darke: Agnus Dei (Download MP3)
Thalben-Ball: Psalm 33 (Download MP3)
Hancock: Preces (Download MP3)
Hancock: Responses (Download MP3)
Howells: Hymn to St. Cecilia (Download MP3)
Daley: Come, Renew Us (Download MP3)
Moore: All Wisdom Cometh from the Lord (Download MP3)
Hymn: God, My King, Thy Might Confessing (Download MP3)
Hymn: Tell Out, My Soul (Download MP3)
Hymn: How Firm a Foundation (Download MP3)
Hymn: The Day Thou Gavest (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Love of God (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Blest Creator (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Gladsome Light, O Grace (Download MP3)
Hymn: From Time Before the Chaos (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Day of Peace (Download MP3)
Hymn: Go Forth for God (Download MP3)
Hymn: For All the Saints (Download MP3)
Hymn: Take Up Your Cross (Download MP3)
Leighton: O Sacrum Convivium (Download MP3)
Bruckner: Os Justi (Download MP3)
Parnell: Oculi Omnium (Download MP3)
Parry: Crossing the Bar (Download MP3)
Piccolo: Hear Us, Lord (Download MP3)
De la Rue: O Salutaris (Download MP3)
Mundy: A New Commandment (Download MP3)
Sheppard: Libera nos, Salva nos (Download MP3)
Vaughan Williams: The Song of the Tree of Life (Download MP3)
Mealor: Ubi Caritas (Download MP3)
Parry: Never Weatherbeaten Sail (Download MP3)
Hancock: Deep River (Download MP3)
Bach: Fugue in G minor (Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Ducasse: Pastorale (Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Laubach: Improvisation on 'St. Clement' (Download MP3)
Davies: Solemn Melody (Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Laubach: Improvisation after the Gospel (Download MP3)
Howells: Rhapsody No. 3 in C# minor (Laubach) (Download MP3)
Vaughan Williams: Prelude on Rhosymedre (McNulty) (Download MP3)
Sheehan: Improvisation during Communion (Download MP3)
Demessieux: Te Deum (Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Nicholls: Improvisation (Download MP3)
Franck: Final in Bb (Download MP3)
Guilamant: First Sonata in D minor, movement 1 (McNulty) (Download MP3)

2011 - Course Director: Richard Tanner
Messe Solennelle: Gloria in excelsis (Download MP3)
Messe Solennelle: Sanctus (Download MP3)
Messe Solennelle: Benedictus (Download MP3)
Messe Solennelle: Agnus Dei (Download MP3)
The Preces, as sung at Magdalen College, Oxford (Download MP3)
The Lord's Prayer and Suffrages (Download MP3)
The Episcopal Blessing and Dismissal (Download MP3)
Magnificat, St. Paul's Service (Download MP3)
Nunc Dimittis, St. Paul's Service (Download MP3)
Psalm 118 (Download MP3)
Psalm 17 (Teen Boys) (Download MP3)
Bogoroditse Devo, from the All-Night Vigil (Download MP3)
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Senior Girls) (Download MP3)
Praise (Treble Boys) (Download MP3)
I Will Sing with the Spirit (Download MP3)
If Ye Love Me (Teen Boys) (Download MP3)
The Thin Place (Adults) (Download MP3)
I Give You a New Commandment (Intermediate & Junior Girls) (Download MP3)
Let the People Praise Thee (Download MP3)
Oculi Omnium (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
O Salutaris Hostia (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Hear the Voice and the Prayer (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Peace at the Last (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Libera Nos (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Ubi Caritas (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
The Order of Compline (Compline Schola) (Download MP3)
Canticle: Lord God, You Now Have Let Your Servant Free (Download MP3)
Hymn: Hark! The Glad Sound! The Savior Comes (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Brightness of the Immortal Father's Face (Download MP3)
Hymn: Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (Download MP3)
Hymn: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Download MP3)
Hymn: Hope of the World (Download MP3)
Hymn: All My Hope on God Is Founded (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Food to Pilgrims Given (Download MP3)
Hymn: All Creatures of Our God and King (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Trinity of Blessed Light (Hogwart's Hymn) (Download MP3)
Hymn: O Day of Peace That Dimly Shines (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Feux Follets (Caroline Robinson) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Vierne Symphonie No. IV, Mvt. V. Final (Caroline Robinson) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Rhapsody in D-flat major (Caroline Robinson) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Vierne Symphonie no. VI, mvt. V. Final (Sam Backman) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: B Major Fugue (Sam Backman) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Cortege et Litanie (Sam Backman) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Coronation Prelude (Chad Levitt) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser (Tom Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Organ Improvisation: Post Gospel Procession (Tom Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: "Allegro" from the Widor Symphony no. VI (Tom Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Evocation, Mvt. III (Tom Sheehan) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Academic Festival Overture (Mark Laubach) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Psalm Prelude, Set One, No. 3 (Mark Laubach) (Download MP3)
Organ Voluntary: Psalm Prelude, Set Two, No. 1 (Mark Laubach) (Download MP3)
Grace Before Meals (Download MP3)
Double, Double (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Richard Schmidt) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: The Hippopotamus Song (Eric Roper) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Mary Meyer) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: Turn Back, O Man (Caitlyn Roper) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: Hallelujah (Grace Van Cleef) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: Streets of London (Patty Doyle and Kaitlin McCulloch) (Download MP3)
Camper Recital: Song 14 (Janelle Wigal) (Download MP3)
Variety Show: A Basso Profundo Am I (Glenn Miller) (Download MP3)
Staff Recital: Allegro (Anne Matlack and Jody Doktor) (Download MP3)
Staff Recital: Jeux D'Eau (Robert Nicholls) (Download MP3)
Staff Recital: Dich Teure Halle from Tannhauser (Jody Doktor and Dale Grandfield) (Download MP3)
Staff Recital: I Like America (Richard Tanner) (Download MP3)

2010 - Course Director: Barry Rose
Psalm 49:1-11 (Teen Boys) (Download MP3)
Hendrie: Ave Verum Corpus (Teen Boys) (Download MP3)
Gibbons: The eys of all wait upon Thee, O Lord (Adults) (Download MP3)
Davies: The Lamb (Senior Girls) (Download MP3)
Archer: Brightest and Best (Treble Boys) (Download MP3)
Halls: Locus Iste (Junior and Intermediate Girls) (Download MP3)
Mozart: Gloria in excelsis (Download MP3)
Mozart: Sanctus (Download MP3)
Mozart: Benedictus (Download MP3)
Mozart: Agnus Dei (Download MP3)
Ives: There is a land of pure delight (Download MP3)
Ware: Psalm 34 (Download MP3)
Piccolo: Preces (Download MP3)
Day: Magnificat (Download MP3)
Day: Nunc Dimittis (Download MP3)
Piccolo: Lord's Prayer and Suffrages (Download MP3)
Parry: Hear my words, ye people (Download MP3)
Gardner: Fight the good fight (Download MP3)
Gibbons: Almighty and everlasting God (Compline schola) (Download MP3)
de la Rue: O salutaris hostia (Compline schola) (Download MP3)
Hymn: Christ, mighty Savior - Innisfree Farm (Download WMA)
Hymn: Christ is made the sure foundation - Westminster Abbey (Download WMA)
Hymn: Immortal, invisible, God only wise - St. Denio (Download WMA)

2009 - Course Director: Richard Tanner
Hymn: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken - Abbot's Leigh (Download MP3)
Kodaly: Gloria in Excelsis (Download MP3)
Howells: Jubilate Deo (Download MP3)
Kodaly: Sanctus (Download MP3)
Kodaly: Agnus Dei (Download MP3)
Philips: Ascendit Deus (Adult House, Directed by Jack Burnam) (Download MP3)
Franck: Panis Angelicus (Treble Boys, Directed by Jeremy Tarrant) (Download MP3)
Mendelssohn: Surrexit Pastor Bonus (Senior Girls, Directed by Glenn Miler) (Download MP3)
Burnam: I Am The Bread of Life (Hymn) (Download MP3)
Hymn: Guide me, O thou Great Jehovah) (Download MP3)
Haydn: Insanae et Vanae Curae (Download MP3)
Hurd: I Was Glad (Download MP3)
Leighton: Preces (Download MP3)
Psalm 35 (Download MP3)
Harwood: Magnificat in A flat (Download MP3)
Harwood: Nunc Dimittis in A flat (Download MP3)
Leighton: Responses (Download MP3)
Goodenough: I Will Sing With the Spirit (Download MP3)