A worship experience available for Young Adults and Adults

Singing the Office of Compline is a very popular part of the King's College Course. This elective activity is only available for those registering as Young Adults or Adults. Beginning in 2014, the course will offer two separate Compline choir experiences so all Young Adults and Adults who wish to sing the Office of Compline will have the opportunity to do so.

Singers interested in auditioning for the smaller, more select Scholar Compline Ensemble will have a chance to do that Monday evening on the first day of the course. Scholar Compline Ensemble vocal requirements include the ability to sing with a blending tone appropriate to singing plainsong. The audition will include some vocalizations, the singing of a chant excerpt and/or a passage from a motet. It is important to note that because this is a select group not everyone will be selected for this ensemble. Even if your skills are adequate the music directors will need to balance the sections according to the needs of this small group.

For those wanting to sing this added evening service who either don't wish to audition or who are not selected to sing in the small Schola Compline Ensemble, or who have never experienced singing the plainsong service using the old square four-line (Gregorian) notation will have the opportunity to sing Compline in a larger, academic setting and will experience the wonder and mysticism of this centuries-old worship service in a very special and meaningful way.

Over the course of the week Compline will be sung some days by the large group and on other days by the Schola. The groups will rehearse both independently and together.

Directing the Compline program will be Glenn Miller. Glenn is Director of Music and Organist at Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield Hills, MI and is the King's College Course Music Director.